instructions in guitar

Helge Lange

For more than 25 years Helge Lange offers lessons / instructions in guitar at Mönchengladbach-Winkeln. In this time, he teached a lot of guitar-players, kids and adults, some starting to play and some going forward to become professional players.

There are two ways to learn and to play guitar - alone with the teacher or together with one or two other learners. Helge Lange offers both ways, and YOU decide which way you want to go. It's your decision, too, if you want to play electric or acoustic guitar, it's your choice to play classical style or rock, pop, blues, country, hard-rock or heavy-metal.

You will join the great experience of your teacher who played more than 1000 concerts, released 20 CDs and is the author of nearly all songs of his band BUCKET BOYS.

Helge Lange's offer to you and to everybody who wants to play guitar is: Take one lesson for free. No charge ! No contract ! Just one hour to see how it's going on having lessons in guitar at Helge Lange, and how it feels to be a "guitar hero".

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